Shift Optimizer

First, using the Shift Optimizer is free.  You can try it out as a guest using the menu item at the top. It is not limited in any way but it is public.  If you create a facility and associated schedules as a guest, it might be changed by someone else - even while you are working on it.  If you want to use the optimizer and keep your results, you'll want to create an account and login.  There is no fee or credit card info required to create an account.  It is just a way to give you a unique identifier.  You can then use the 'Shift Optimizer' item in either the top or User menu (Left) to create facilities and shifts linked to your login that are not visible or able to be changed by others.

The Shift Optimizer considers hourly patient flow for peak and low months.  Shifts can be added with varying starting times, shift lengths and provider types (Doctor or Mid-Level).  The ideal "new patient/hour/provider" ratio can be customized by facility.  The relative performance (mid-level vs physician) ratio can be adjusted.  And finally, the beginning and end of shift performance can be taken into account.

The initial default facility is created with an annual volume of 30K with adjustments from the monthly average of +10% for the peak months and -10% (ie 20% difference).  These can be adjusted using the Edit Facilty button.

Add shifts using the 'Add New Shifts' button.  New shifts will be added to the shift list but will will not be charted until enabled.  It will appear with  adjacent to the shift description.  There are 3 columns of these icons, each can be associated in a separate shift pattern.  Simply click on the icon to toggle enabling () or removing the shift from use.  Shifts can also be edited using the  icon or deleted completely with the  icon associated with the shift.

Note: the shifts created are unique to the current facility.  If you create multiple facilities, you'll need to create shift definitions for each facility.  Data will be saved by the site if created as a logged in user.  (Site data may be deleted after several months of non-use at the discretion of the web manager.)

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